Monthly Musings: April 2019

monthly musings apr

Hello friends!

Welcome to another Monthly Musings post, this one easing us into April. March felt like it lasted for four weeks too long for me & I’m so grateful it’s over – bring on the longer days & warmer temperatures!

I hope you found some time in March to get into your kitchen & get your hands dirty – did you bake anything delicious? This past month saw me wrangling a lot of dough out of my cherry red KitchenAid & for that I am eternally grateful – it hurts my arm muscles just thinking of how I’d manage without her. I show her my appreciation by keeping her extra clean and shiny.. and yes, it’s a she. When you know you know.

The offering for the month ahead is below, so grab a steaming cup of tea to sit down with – I’ll be over here with my Earl Grey & a sneaky square of chocolate.

Happy reading!

monthly musings: april 2019

Just to update you on our sourdough situation: we named our starter Eliza & I treat her as I would a child. Admittedly, she’s a bit more work than I knew I was getting in to – feedings every 12 hours with water that is just the right temperature, a resting place that maintains a steady 23C, yada yada yada – but I’ve well & truly caught the sourdough making bug. I’ve been ecstatic with my first few loaves (above is loaf #3) & the process is totally addictive. I’m currently thinking about investing in a trusty baker’s lame for a more professional looking loaf. I’ll keep you updated!


Related: an alarming amount of starter gets discarded during the feeding process. Turns out, there’s heaps of recipes out there for using up the discard. Among others, King Arthur Flour have heaps of recipes online and I’m toying with the idea of making a post with a round-up of some of the best available. What do you think?


We had my family over for dinner recently and accidentally stumbled across the world’s best lasagna recipe in the process: Anthony Bourdain’s Lasagne Bolognese. It’s rich and cheesy and checks alllll of my boxes for the perfect comfort dish.


I’ve been giving Boyfriend all the moral support possible this past month as he’s been shooting / reshooting / editing etc his latest short film: The Unquiet. If you’d like to watch his last short film – Sit Beside Me – you can follow that link to YouTube, or this link to Vimeo. We’d love to hear your thoughts!


I was recently asked to make the dessert for a colleague’s farewell dinner. Almost immediately, I settled on making the one dessert I know to be a major crowd pleaser: my baked cheesecake. Anyone who has ever tried it raves about it for days, and honestly, this time was no different. Listen, I’m not being big-headed, I’m just telling you the truth.


The bad news: the airline cancelled our flights to Montreal & we didn’t like any of their rerouting options, so we opted for a refund. The good news: we’ve started to plan a blow out trip to Italy instead! The initial plan is Rome – Naples – Positano – Amalfi, but we’re not 100% sure yet. Do you have any suggestions? We’re so excited!


In case you missed it: last week I shared our travel guide to Florence! It’s extra large & packed full of our most cherished places to eat and drink. I’d love to hear your thoughts! Honestly, it’s probably my favourite travel guide I’ve ever written. I’m already itching to share ‘Part II: Bologna’ with you in the not so distant future!


Boyfriend dipped into one of my cookbooks – LA Cult Recipes – this week to bring this glorious mashup of a meal into our lives: Beef Chili Spaghetti Bowl. Made famous by Chili John’s back in the 50′s, it’s a real treat for the taste-buds, I’ll tell you that. Spicy, delicious, confusing in a where-the-tacos-at kind of way, but ultimately so satisfying. Thanks, Boyfriend!


After reading this article, I feel guilty about how careless I’ve been in regards to waste & cutting down on my plastic usage. Since reading, I’ve become one of those crazy loons who gives out to their mothers for using cling film and toothbrushes not made from bamboo. Mom, I’m sorry my rant went on for too long… but can you please cut down on your cling film?


Related: I bought these reusable bees wrap sheets as a cling film alternative and we’re slowly but surely starting to get used to them. Frustrating at first, perhaps, but the end goal is worth it.


What’s on your baking list this month? If I get my hands on some brightly coloured pink stalks anytime soon, I’ll definitely be making my Rhubarb & Orange Financier to get us in the mood for Spring!

Okay friends, I think that pretty much rounds us up for the month – until May!


Vicki xo

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