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Hi, welcome to Passionate Baker! My name is Vicki, and I’m the writer, photographer, traveler, and daydreamer behind Passionate Baker. Once a week, usually on Wednesdays, I check in with a new post about something that makes me happy. About half the time, those posts are about new baking creations that have come to me in the dead of night. The other half the time, I’m blogging my heart out about places I’ve traveled to and loved.


I first started Passionate Baker back in 2012 as an outlet for the stresses of college life. Instead of spending long hours studying in the library, I could usually be found baking up a storm in the kitchen. Despite this, I somehow managed to graduated from UCD with a degree in Art History, one of my other loves. Things have changed somewhat over the years, but my love for baking has only grown stronger.

Since then, Passionate Baker has developed into something much more than a stress reliever. It soon became clear that my passion for baking and learning new techniques & tricks wasn’t going away any time soon. I buried my head as deep into the baking world as I could and now I can barely go a couple of days without playing with my ingredients. You can see all of my recipes here.

Passionate Baker has also become my trusted travel journal. Whenever I set off to discover a new city, or revisit an old favourite, I am always so excited to get back online & share my discoveries. All of my travel guides are filled with places that I’ve discovered on my travels & love. You can see all of my travel guides here.


If you’d like to get in touch with me, please feel free to do so through my contact page.

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