Monthly Musings: March 2019

monthly musings mar

Welcome to another Monthly Musings post, friends!

I hope today finds you extra well rested from the weekend & ready to tackle the week ahead. Boyfriend & I have had a very hectic last few weeks, so I think I speak for the two of us when I say we’re looking forward to the slower pace of March. Our plans for the month include taking it super easy, putting our feet up at any given opportunity, and making sleep a priority again. Listen, we love sleep, and honestly – you don’t want to see either of us running on less than 7 hours, it isn’t pretty.

March’s monthly musings are below, and I hope you find some inspiration hidden within my ramblings.

If you need me, I’ll be over here thinking up something herb-a-licious to make for the monthly Food in Jars Mastery Challenge – I’ll keep you posted.

Monthly musings: march 2019

I’m a bit late to the game, but I’ve finally gotten round to making my own sourdough starter. This is the first step on the journey down the road of sourdough – which I’m sure will be full of frustrations and rage – and I am so excited. We’re still trying to think up an adequately punny name for our starter, and this Food52 article has some excellent suggestions. Any ideas? Side note: I’m following the recipe from my Bouchon cookbook.


In case you missed it, February brought us a new Gifting 101 post – Preserved Lemons! Listen, I’m just here to help build up your homemade gift repertoire & make you look amazing. You’re so welcome!


I found myself a little under the weather this past month, which is terrible for productivity and all things work related, but great for catching up on reading. I worked my way through the entire Detective Erika Foster series and loved every. single. second. Boyfriend has since got me reading the Harry Bosch books by Michael Connelly, so we shall soon find out how addictive they are in comparison.


Are you a green thumb or a black thumb person? I’m working on expanding my gardening skills this year. Enrique, a serrano chilli plant that we grew from a seed, was our first plant baby. He was shortly followed by another chilli plant – Guillermo, who also was grown from seed – and now we finally have a new plant baby! Alvin Cado, a baby avocado tree, has finally sprouted a stem from his pit and we are so excited! Well, I am… Boyfriend is kind of freaked out by him, but I’m sure he’ll come around when Alvin grows some leaves, right? What should I try my hand at next?


Related: I recently stumbled across Rob Greenfield on Instagram and he’s currently undertaking a Food Freedom Project. The idea being that he’s going to grow & forage 100% of the food he eats for an entire year. No food from neighbours or restaurants, nothing processed, just homegrown fruit + vegetables, & homemade items like salt and oil. I love the idea behind it, and reading about it has opened my eyes a little wider… but at the same time, it isn’t a very realistic project for anyone who doesn’t live in the subtropical climate Florida boasts, amiright?


Boyfriend & I have well and truly gone blood orange crazy. There’s a blood orange cake hitting the blog later this week (stay tuned!), Boyfriend is fine tuning his blood orange cocktail skills (my favourite of which was a tequila/aperol concoction), and just yesterday I made a batch of blood orange curd. We never want the season to end!


A recipe we fell for this time three years ago: Curly Carrot Cake. A lightly spiced, perfectly moist carrot cake, lathered with lusciously soft cream cheese frosting, and garnished with candied carrot peels. Basically: the best carrot cake ever.


Ever since becoming the proud owner of my very own shiny red KitchenAid this past Christmas, I’ve been dreaming of buying the pasta roller attachment. I’m reluctant to spend that much money on something I’m not sure I’d use all that much, but I want it so badly! Why are they so bloody expensive?


We’re in that strange period of the year when there aren’t that many new cookbook releases coming out. Well, maybe there are, but none of them have caught my eye. The next book I’m super excited for is Christina Lane’s Dinner Just For Two, but it won’t ship to Ireland until May! Is there anything I’ve missed?


I’m just going to leave this article here in case you feel like you need a good cry: My Wife Was Dying, and We Didn’t Tell Our Children. Listen, we all need a good cry sometimes and this is as good a reason as any. Make sure you have the tissues at the ready.

I hope you have the very best week!


Vicki xo

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