Spring Bucket List, 2021

Hello friends! How are you this fine Wednesday? I’m interrupting our regularly scheduled program to bring you a quick list of intentions for the next few months – my Spring Bucket List, 2021. I wasn’t planning on making a spring bucket list, but I found myself jotting down a few things to help get into the right mindset. What is it about spring that has us all cleaning like mad things? Apparently, it’s because the extra sunlight gives us more energy and we have more of a go-get-’em attitude. It could also just be that the extra sunlight literally highlights all the dust I’ve ignored for the last few months, but perhaps that’s just me.

What follows are 9 bucket list items that I hope will continue to keep me sane during these pandemic months. Not included: making plans for summer or meeting up with friends. Technically, from the 12th of this month we’ll be allowed to meet up with friends outdoors within 20km of our homes – but honestly I’m not even sure if I’m emotionally ready for it yet. Re summer plans: Boyfriend & I previously allowed ourselves to dream of a brief escape to Westport in May, but our hopes and dreams were shattered and I can’t go down the planning route again just yet.

Let’s get to it!

Spring Bucket List, 2021

🌼 Spring clean the bedroom

The fact that we’ve been in lockdown for so long now means that I only wear a small fraction of my clothes – time to bag up old items I don’t see myself wearing anytime soon and donate! While I’m there: dust the whole room, change the sheets, make the bed up all nice, and ask Boyfriend to hoover. It feels so good to lie down in bed at night in a room you know is clutter and dust free!

🌼 Deep clean the kitchen – but especially the fridge

Our fridge just seems to be accumulating extra jars lately, and looking for something I just can’t find but know is in there is a pet peeve of mine. Dump any questionable looking condiments and move the things that get the most use nearer the front. Use that well-intentioned oven cleaner you bough months ago and actually clean the goddamn oven! The glass, the racks, and even the trays – all grease splodges must go! The rest of the presses and drawers just need a cursory wipe down, but don’t skimp. If you need a kitchen cleaning guide: Joy can help.

🌼 Get some beautiful spring flowers

Ideally tulips. It’s been too long since fresh tulips have graced our kitchen table and I have flower envy every time I walk past our neighbour’s beautiful garden. They make the perfect spring bouquet and they just make me so happy to look at!

🌼 Light your favourite scented candle

I covet my scented candles. I don’t like to light them unless I’m feeling fancy, we have people over, or we’re having a special date. The last year has been short on two of the above reasons, but there’s no point keeping candles in a drawer forever. My very favourite is the Irish made candle Boyfriend gifted me at Christmas: Tuscan Bergamot from La Bougie.

🌼 plant things

I’ve signed up for the GIY Grow It Forward campaign and I’m very impatiently waiting for my seeds to arrive. I have plans to clear a little patch up in the garden and make sure it’s ready to be planted. I’m so excited! I love being a plant mom and nothing is more rewarding than actually getting to eat the produce you’ve put so much effort into caring for.

🌼 Get out there & walkkkk

Up until the last few days, the weather was actually kind of nice. Currently it’s fluttering snowflakes outside my window – but generally speaking, spring weather hits that perfect sweet spot between winter and summer where it is breezy but sunny. It’s ideal for venturing out and getting in those 10k steps. Although, after reading this article I now know that there is no actual scientific reason behind the number, but still.

🌼 spring baking!

Rhubarb! Late season blood oranges! I remade my Strawberry & Rhubarb Meringue Tart – updated post and photos coming soon – the other day for my dad’s birthday and it reminded me of my love for rhubarb! I have some leftover pink stalks lingering in the fridge, so I plan on making the Rhubarb Cake from my new cookbook Classic German Baking. Another good rhubarb option: Nicola Lamb’s Rhubarb & Custard Crumb Cake.

🌼 spend less time on social media

I generally feel like I don’t spend too much time on social media, but I’d still like to cut down further. I find that when I’m bored or have a moment of nothingness my thumb automatically opens Instagram for the hundredth time and I’m scrolling scrolling scrolling. No more! Read a book, or do any of the above mentioned items.

🌼 Reorganize the cookbooks

My beloved cookbooks. I think I go through this reorganization once every year or so and I can never seem to decide which way I prefer. Right now, they’re organized in alphabetical order by the title of the book. I want to reorganize them by colour because it’s adorable and aesthetically pleasing. The only problem is then trying to find the one I’m looking for by remembering what colour it is. The struggle is real.

Okay friends, there we have it: my Spring Bucket List, 2021! I hope you found something to take away with you, perhaps a new Spring intention of your own.


Vicki xo

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  • Love this! It’s giving me an energy boost to kick into the Spring cleaning myself Dreading what the fridge looks like, would I be judged if I said there’s been a funky smell that’s been there far too long then it should be? but above all, looking forward to (hopefully) seeing the gals sooooooon

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