What We’re Eating This Thanksgiving, 2021

Hello friends! We’ve reached that time of year when I find myself daydreaming about the most delicious way to cook turkey – and that can only mean one thing! I’m here to share my ‘What We’re Eating This Thanksgiving, 2021’ post with you, and I’m so excited! Can you believe it’s that time of year already? It came around so fast this year! This will be our third year using Thanksgiving as an excuse to feast, and our second year having said feast all by our lonesome. We were contemplating inviting our foodie friends over to celebrate this year, but with the rise in cases again we decided it just wasn’t worth it. Better safe than sorry!

We’re taking a more laid back approach to Thanksgiving this year. No starter or appetizer, less sides, and likely no potatoes. As a steadfast potato lover, that last one was hard for me to type. See, last year’s epic dinner had us eating leftovers for close to a week. As delicious as that sounds, it’s hard to muster up enthusiasm for the same meal again and again. And so: we’re cutting back on quantity, but upping the quality! Links and details of what we’re eating this Thanksgiving are below – I hope you find a recipe to take away with you!

what we’re eating this thanksgiving, 2021

to drink:

Brown butter bourbon + cranberry Old Fashioned // this is a drink that has been long circulating in my head and the time to test it has arrived. If it turns out as delicious as I hope and pray it will, then I shall come back and share it before Christmas! Wish me luck!

to eat: main + sides

Turkey Schnitzel // we’ve never really been big turkey fans, but we’re HUGE schnitzel fans. Turkey breasts hammered out as flat as possible, covered in breadcrumbs, and baked until super crispy – yes please! Not to brag, but I’m somewhat of a schnitzel expert. I think partly because it’s in my blood, and partly because of a burning desire to replicate the amazing schnitzel we ate in Vienna.

Cranberry Sauce // the usual – except this year I want to mix it with a little aioli for something extra special. Aioli and schnitzel are a match made in heaven, and a touch of tartness works wonders with turkey, so I have a very good feeling about this.

Kale & Caramelized Onion Stuffing // my very favourite side, maybe ever. I refuse to let a festive meal go by without this stuffing gracing our table. Thank you Deb!

Old School Dinner Rolls // in keeping with our cookbook club choices this month, I’ll be trying out Vallery’s dinner rolls. They look pillow-y soft and appear to be slathered in butter, which is basically all I look for in a dinner roll.

to eat: dessert

Pecan Pie // it has been far too long since I’ve remade my pecan pie! It has a chocolate pastry base and a lusciously gooey filling studded with buttery pecans. And really, would this be a true ‘what we’re eating this Thanksgiving’ post without pie? I think not.

Rav’s Chocolate Chip Cookies // I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: these are the best chocolate chip cookies out there. I’ve made a lot of CCC in my time, and none have come close to the perfection of these. I have frozen dough balls chilling in the freezer in case we’ve eaten too much to handle a slice of pie. Always good to have a backup dessert!

And there we have it: What We’re Eating This Thanksgiving, 2021. Another quiet affair, but who doesn’t love an excuse to start the weekend a day early? If you’re celebrating – happy Thanksgiving!

Vicki xo.

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