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Sweet friends, how are you?

Today marks day 34 of our social distancing efforts & I gotta be honest – it’s starting to get to me. I’m wavering just the tiniest little bit, but I can feel the effects a heck of a lot more in these strange times. I tackled my crumbling sanity the best way I know how: binge watching Gilmore Girls, video wine chats with my best gal pals, comfort reading, and baking. Honestly, it’s worked wonders.

In case you’ve found yourself in a similar situation, I’ve decided to share a quick round-up of recipes already on the blog that can be made with a handful of staple ingredients. You know, so we can eat our feelings.

Each of the recipes listed below have standard ingredients that I’m almost positive you have lurking in the back of your kitchen cupboards.

Happy lockdown baking!

1. S E A   S A L T   C H O C O L A T E   C H I P   C O O K I E S

Cookies are always a good idea, but these cookies are an excellent idea. I like to make up a giant batch, scoop them into balls & freeze for later. As long as you keep the freezer supply well stocked, a freshly baked cookie is only ever 16ish minutes away – a knowledge that is such a comfort during these strange times.

2. F R E E Z E R   P I E : R O A S T E D   P E C A N   A P P L E   P I E   W I T H   C I N N A M O N   C R U M B L E

If you’re anything like me, you have at least two lots of frozen dough, three bags of miscellaneous frozen fruit, and one bag of frozen buttery crumble topping. Combine the lot, add some roasted nuts + warming spices, & bake a pie!

3. C O R N F L A K E   C A K E

If you’re looking for something that’s especially good to snack on, look no further. Our most recent creation, these babies tick allllll of my boxes for a quality snack: sweet, salty, crunchy, and covered in chocolate. Need I say more?

4. E A S Y   C I N N A M O N   R O L L S

Baking bread is a seriously good way to relax and there are few things more satisfying to pull out of the oven than freshly baked cinnamon rolls. The good news: the rolls are finished off with a simple glaze, so no need to stress about securing cream cheese for a frosting.

5. S N O W   D A Y   C H O C O L A T E   C A K E

Admittedly, the corona-lockdown isn’t the same as being snowed in, but the sentiment of this recipe is the same. This simple cake requires few ingredients and is perfect for those times when you simply need a big slice of chocolate cake.

6. B U T T E R M I L K   S K I L L E T   C A K E

This is perhaps the most versatile cake to ever have emerged from my kitchen. In the above recipe it’s finished off with roasted strawberries – which you can totally do with berries from your freezer, defrosted. That said, it would be just as delicious with a simple glaze.

7. B L A C K B E R R Y   P I E   B A R S 

Pie bars are super comforting & can be made with whatever fruit you have on hand – fresh or frozen! Our favourite version to date is without a doubt this blackberry one, it’s the perfect amount of sweet and tartness. The wonderful news is that any leftovers freeze so. well.

8. R A S P B E R R Y   &   S E A   S A L T   B R O W N I E S 

This is my second favourite brownie recipe & it’s perfect for times like these because it is super economical with its use of eggs. Frozen berries can be subbed in if you don’t have any fresh, or forgo the berries altogether for a simpler version!

9. C H O C O L A T E   V E G A N   B A N A N A   B R E A D

This is an extra good banana bread recipe for quarantine times because it is egg-free. Don’t let the v-word put you off: it can easily be un-vegan-ed with the use of regular milk! The quality of the banana bread remains superb, I swear.

10. L E M O N   &   P O P P Y S E E D   P A N C A K E S

A vintage passionate baker recipe, but an excellent recipe nevertheless. It makes an extra large batch – win!

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