What We’re Eating During Lockdown

eating during lockdown

Sweet friends, how are you getting on? Today I thought it’d be fun to give you a little peek into our quarantine lives and share some new recipes – comforting recipes, mostly – that we’ve been eating during lockdown and that I think you might enjoy!

During the course of our lockdown, we have spent more time talking about food than I ever thought possible. We’ve barely finished one meal before we’ve started talking about the next one, and the one after that. Naturally, we started to tire of making the same old things over & over again, so we turned to our trusted cookbooks for inspiration.

Let me tell you: it’s been wonderful! We’ve made a whole rake of new recipes since the lockdown began and have discovered some real gems, our favourites of which are listed below. The majority of recipes we’ve loved have been from books we own, and where I couldn’t find a recipe online I’ve linked to the most similar available.


what we’re eating during lockdown


Sausage & Egg Breakfast Burgers // this has been a breakfast revelation for us. I mean, sure, we’ve made bacon and eggs breakfast burgers before but never with a sausage patty. It is truly life changing. I based ours on this Joy the Baker recipe, but switched out the mustard, cloves, bay leaf, & fennel for a simple blend of garlic powder and onion granules. We are obsessed.

Bacon Naan Rolls // truly, the breakfast of champions. We tried our first naan roll in Dishoom a few years back and it was such a magical moment, I still remember my first bite. This was the very first recipe I made when I bought their cookbook earlier this year and let me tell you a secret: it is allllll about the tomato-chili jam! If you think you might like a lil’ more than the suggested 1-teaspoon of cream cheese, I think you might be right.


Chicken Ruby // honestly, the best curry we’ve ever eaten. Another classic from the Dishoom cookbook. Heaps of spices, buttery grilled chicken thighs, oil, cream, tomatoes, and patience – that’s all it takes. I’ve already made it twice since the first time and it just keeps getting better!

Orzo with Garlic-Butter Kale // our favourite veggie meal! The original recipe calls for polenta, but I’ve been using orzo instead and it’s luscious. Kale and mushrooms get sauteed in garlic-butter, the orzo gets laced with parmesan, and the finished product is topped with a perfectly poached egg. Yum!

Any-Weeknight Pizza // I started making my own pizza dough once a week with the intention of making ‘Friday Night Pizza’ a thing. The night changes somewhat depending on how we feel, but we still enjoy a homemade pizza about once a week. There’s something so enjoyable about making the whole thing from scratch – it almost feels healthier than ordering takeout. The biggest challenge is mixing up the toppings so it doesn’t get boring. Our latest creation consisted of sausage meat with fennel & honey, spicy peppers, and jalapeƱos.

baked goods

Chocolate Chip Cookies // I just refuse to let our freezer supply of cookies run out. They’re the most comforting thing to have at hand, and we’ve found ourselves needing a lot of comfort over the last few months. These ones by Ravneet Gill are the latest I’ve tried out and they are insane. Gooey all the way through, crispy on the outside. A true cookie miracle. You need to make these asap.


Kachumber Salad // perhaps the most deliciously simple salad in the world. The version I make is similar to the one linked, except without the carrot and all the optional extras. Cucumber, red onion, finely sliced tomatoes – all tossed in salt and lime juice. It’s a great salad with dinner, or the perfect light side for a buttery grilled cheese sandwich. Simple, stupidly good.

White Soda Bread // I know I mentioned this in my last Monthly Musings post, but this bread deserves a second mention for sure. I make a loaf at least once a week, slice it up, and pop it into the freezer for future toasting. It’s insanely good lightly toasted and lathered in salted butter with strawberry jam.


BBQ Sauce // okay I know that technically BBQ Sauce isn’t a meal, but this has been such a great staple for us over these last few months. It’s from Half Baked Harvest and we literally use it on everything. We sub out the molasses for honey, but other than that keep it the exact same. Sublime.

Salsa Roja // it was Boyfriend’s idea to try this out and omg now we’re addicted. We had been looking for new ways of making tomatoes more exciting, and Boyfriend found this recipe online. It’s delicious! Boyfriend whips up a batch whenever we buy tomatoes and we use it on everything! It’s especially good with scrambled eggs!

That’s everything, friends! I hope you found a recipe or two to take away with you. If you didn’t, please reconsider taking the cookie recipe because wowza they are goood.

Until next Wednesday,

Vicki xo

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