Cookbook Club, November 2021

cookbook club november 2021

Hello friends, happy Monday! I’m stopping in for literally the quickest minute ever to share our Cookbook Club November 2021 post. I had the very best of intentions to share this with you yesterday, but it’s always hard to wrangle myself into action on a Sunday. Alas, we made it here eventually. Our cookbook choices for the month ahead are below. Two female authors with two great cookbooks, one is brand new and the other is a few years old. All the details you need on both are below. I hope you can join me on my deep dive this month – it’s going to be delicious!

Cookbook Club, November 2021

Life Is What You Bake It, Vallery Lomas

This cookbook came into my life less than a week ago and I’m already obsessed with it. I had never heard of Vallery before, but when I saw Smitten Kitchen made one of her recipes, I was intrigued. I then went to click through the preview on Amazon, and, before I knew it, I had purchased my own copy. Basically, as soon as I spied the Accordion Biscuits recipe in the preview, I was sold. So far, so good! The handful of recipes I’ve made have been delicious and I have my eye on several more for the month ahead! It definitely feels like a keeper of a cookbook!

More info: Life Is What You Bake It cookbook / Vallery’s Instagram / Vallery’s blog

Recipes For A Nervous Breakdown, Sophie White

Part cookbook + part memoir by fellow Irish-lady Sophie White, our second cookbook choice. This was gifted to me a few years back by one of my aunts, and, sadly, it’s gotten less use than it deserves. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I’ve actually only ever made one recipe. No more! In my defense, the recipe is a tried and tested favourite that is part of our regular dinner rotation. I’m looking to find a few other favourites over the course of the month, and, after the one thing I’ve baked so far, I have high hopes!

More info: Recipes for a Nervous Breakdown cookbook / Sophie’s website / Sophie’s Instagram

And there we have it, our Cookbook Club November 2021 post! If you decide to join me in baking/cooking your way through the books, don’t forget to tag me on Instagram – I’d love to see!

Don’t forget to come back at the end of the month for the recipe roundup, there’s going to be some goodies for sure!

Happy baking, xo

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