Summer Bucket List, 2023

Summer Bucket List, 2023

Hello lovely people! Happy Saturday! I know Saturday is a somewhat unusual day for me to be sticking my head in around these parts – but needs must! I’m here today to share a quick and exciting post with you: my Summer Bucket List, 2023 edition! If you’ve been perusing this corner of the internet for a while, you might have come across a couple of my seasonal bucket lists before. Essentially, they’re my intentions for the season ahead, & sharing them here with you is my way of making sure they get done! Would you like to join me? We can hold each other accountable!

I know today isn’t the most beautiful of days, but I’m sure there’s more summer sunshine on the way! Let’s get out there and revel in it, yeah? My Summer Bucket List, 2023 is listed below; I hope it gives you some fun ideas to fill your own summer bucket list with. Happy reading!

🌞 beach day with Fiancé

Now, I am in no way a beach lover, but there are some things you just gotta do! I want to make a real day of it. Pack up the cooler with all sorts of moreish snacks, dust off the picnic blanket, and chill out while listening to the sound of the waves. Ideal, no?

🌞 give our marriage notice

Eeeep! This feels like such a ginormous adult thing to be doing – so I guess that makes us grown ups? Wild. In Ireland you have to give notice of your intent to marry at least 3-months before you actually can. We booked our notification appointment last year, and we’re finally doing it later this month! There are a bizarre amount of things we need to bring originals and photocopies of etc., but I’m excited to take this first step towards getting married!

🌞 turn 30!

Okay, fiiiine, technically my birthday is in autumn – but seeing as it’s literally on the second day in September, I’m including it here. I’ve always loved my birthday, and things are no different now that I’m inching my way towards the big 3-0! Bring! It! On! I have no idea what I’ll actually do on the big day, but it conveniently falls on a Saturday, so 🙂

🌞 weekend movie projects

I want to get back into making weekend movie projects again! They were something I made religiously every weekend in 2021 and then I just kind of stopped? Get out on the weekends, have fun, and make little video montages. If you’d like to see some past weekend movie projects: here / here / here, Dingle edition / here, another Dingle edition / here / here / here.

🌞 gal-pals + sangria

Sangria makes it onto my summer bucket list almost every year, and for some reason I never make any? No more! This is the year – I’m telling you! Invite the gal-pals ’round, mix up a big ole pitcher of sangria, drink, and repeat. Watch this space, I’m feeling fruity!

🌞 plan our honeymoon

Yes, I know we’ve planned our mini-moon, but I’m talking about our honeymoon. Our big big after wedding trip to somewhere super cool and entirely new to both of us. We’re thinking… Asia! Neither of us have ever even been on the continent before and I’m so excited!!! I’m going to keep the country we want to visit under wraps for now, but here’s a clue: the most populated city in the world is there. Any thoughts?

🌞 get a looooong overdue haircut

Uyy, am I the only person who loathes going to get their haircut? I can never seem to accurately describe what I want, am always unhappy with the end result, and generally try to avoid salons for as long as possible. Sadly, I think I passed the ‘as long as possible’ line a little while back, my hair is ridiculous. It’s longer than it’s ever been in my life, and it’s lost any shape it may have once had. Chop chop!

🌞 get a pre-wedding booster

I know the whole world is acting like Covid-19 is over, I am too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m more conscious of germs and I’m better about washing my hands/not touching my face etc. – but basically I’ve gone back to my pre-pandemic mindset. That said, I’d love to get another booster before our wedding, so I’m putting it out there in the universe right now.

And there we have it! Are you making your own summer bucket list? What’s topping your to-do list? Let me know using the comment box below!

Chat soon,

Vicki xo

PS: the photo above was taken at Coumeenoole Beach in Kerry back in August 2021! If you’re interested, I have a whole Dingle guide here: Seven Days on the Dingle Peninsula, A Staycation Guide.

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