Summer Bucket List, 2021

summer bucket list 2021

Hello friends, happy Friday! Gosh, it’s been awfully hot these last few days. Hot, humid, and heavy – not my ideal weather situation at all. That said, with the heat of June comes my roses! My beautifully light blush-of-pink roses that literally perk me up every single time I step outside. Each time I see them I count my lucky stars that my attempted massacre of the bush 5-years ago was such a failure – they’re so pretty! For one reason or another, the blossoming of my roses always starts me thinking about the season ahead. I bring you: my Summer Bucket List, 2021. A little list of intentions for the months that we’re just beginning to dip our toes into.

This is my second year of summer bucket list-ing, and I have to admit: I rather like it. I was never a big summer kind of gal, but having a list of things I want to accomplish or achieve over the season definitely makes me more excited about it. My list this year is comprised of goals both big and small, and – like most good things – a lot of it revolves around food.

You can see last year’s summer bucket list here: 2020. Let’s get to it!

Summer Bucket List, 2021

🌞 decide where i’m going and what i’m doing

As in: take the actual time out to decide what the heck I want to do with my life. It’s so hard! However, the hardest part was realizing exactly where I didn’t want to be and getting myself out of there – and I already did that. Sit down, think it out seriously, and start taking steps towards it.

🌞 make more summer pies

Pies, crumbles, cobblers, crisps, the whole lot! Boyfriend casually informed me the other day that I’m not living up to my summer fruit pie quota – and that simply won’t do. Cherry pie coming to a kitchen near me this weekend!

🌞 eat ice cream

Even better: make ice cream. Generally though, I feel there is a lack of ice cream/frozen desserts in my life and this needs to be rectified asap – especially if this hot weather keeps up.

🌞 celebrate every little thing with cake

There are so many things to celebrate over the summer, and a celebration just isn’t real unless there’s cake! To quote Julia Child: “a party without cake is just a meeting”. A truer statement has never existed! Birthdays, anniversaries, reunion picnics, Sundays – whatever we’re celebrating, I’ll be there and I’ll bring the cake.

🌞 have a picnic with my gal pals

Ideally, we’d be going away together to a night at a hotel or something, but I’ll leave that for a bucket list slightly in the future. Until then, a picnic shall do, and you better believe there’s going to be sangria or summer water or both.

🌞 take more photos of people

…and less of food. Do I really need 97 photos of that cake from every conceivable angle? No, but who did I eat that cake with? That’s what I’m looking for this summer, more photos of my loved ones. To everyone I intend on spending time with this summer, this is your formal warning: be ready for photos.

🌞 weekend movie project

This is something I saw Karlee share on her bucket list, and I rather like the idea of it. From what I understand, you take little video clips over the course of your weekend and then cobble them all together into a cute video. Isn’t that just the sweetest idea? I’m going to try my hand at my first one this weekend – wish me luck!

🌞 Plan our first trip out of Ireland, post-Covid

Carrying this one over from last year because we never quite got there in the end. I’m very hopeful for our Italy trip in September and I want to plan alllll the things. Restaurants, museums, sights, the works!

🌞 get vaccinated

Yes, this is ultimately out of my control, but I wanted to put my wishful thinking out there into the world. I want to get vaccinated, and I want to be finished by September. Is that too much to ask? I’d really like to go to Italy in September, and I’d rather not go without my two doses. Please and thank you.

Okay, there we are! Will you join me on my Summer Bucket List journey? Write it down, big or small, but just get it out there. Let me know what you’re putting on your list, I’d love to know. It’s such a fun way to embrace the summer!

My summer freckles send their love,


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