Cookbook Club, August 2021

Hello friends! Happy Wednesday! How are you? This post has been sitting practically finished in my drafts since Saturday and I’m only getting around to posting it now – my apologies. Boyfriend & I have escaped from our house and are currently nestled up in a holiday home in Slea Head with his family. More on that later, but so far it’s been wonderful! Anyways! I’m stopping in super quickly today to announce our Cookbook Club, August 2021 choice! Due to our little staycation there’s only going to be one cookbook for the month. While I’d love to do more, I just don’t think I’d be able to give adequate attention to two this month.

All the details and links below!

Cookbook Club, August 2021

Classic German Baking, Luisa Weiss

I’m very excited to get digging into this one! Classic German Baking is a cookbook that’s relatively new to my collection and I haven’t had a chance to use it as much as I’d like. One of the reasons I bought the book is because I actually have some German blood in me – I’m like one-eighth German – and I’d like to have a few German bakes up my sleeve. To date, I’ve made two recipes from the book – rhubarberkuchen! flammkuchen! – and both were so delicious! Looking through the book now, I have high hopes for the month ahead! I’m especially excited to try out some of the different bread recipes – hello, pretzels!! – and also the ‘beesting cake’. If you decide to bake along with me, Luisa’s blog has this helpful page featuring photos of every single recipe in the book.

More info: Classic German Baking cookbook / Luisa’s blog / Luisa’s Instagram / Luisa on Food52

And there we have it: Cookbook Club, August 2021! Can you believe we’ve been doing this for three months already? I love having a good excuse to play with my cookbooks and learn a new technique! As always, if you’re joining me & baking along, please tag me on Instagram so I can see your creations!

Happy baking! xo

*please note: this post was not edited by Rob.

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