Cookbook Club, October 2021

Hello again friends! I hope this post finds you Sunday-ing to the very best of your ability. I lounged in bed for a bit longer than usual this fine morning, and I feel all the more set up for a lengthy day of chillax-ing because of it. Our agenda thus far includes coffee drinking, movie watching, and a spot of pie baking – you know, activities that we can do without putting on real pants or shoes. Before I can get started on all of the above, I wanted to drop by to share our Cookbook Club, October 2021 post! I’m very aware that this is my third post in as many days, so I promise to keep it brief. I also promise that I’ll shut up for a few days after this. Now, let’s talk cookbooks!

Cookbook Club, October 2021

Lomelino’s Pies, Linda Lomelino

This is one of my all time favourite cookbooks! I’ve had it ever since it came out, and I can still remember the awe I felt when I flicked through the pages for the very first time. Linda’s food blog, Call Me Cupcake, is one of my most trusted recipe sources, and I also have two of her other cookbooks. Her photography is entirely mouthwatering, and her recipes have never let me down! Over the years, I have made a heck of a lot of pies from the book, but I’m excited to dive deeper into some new-to-me recipes for the sake of our cookbook club. It’s going to be so great!

More info: Lomelino’s Pies cookbook / Linda’s blog / Linda’s Instagram

Bill’s Italian Food, Bill Granger

Technically, this is one of Boyfriend’s cookbooks – but I love it so much I’ve decided I’ll take it in the divorce. It’s filled with loads of yummy looking Italian dishes, and I hardly need to be convinced to cook more Italian food. Over the years I’ve made some of Bill’s bruschetta, his pizza dough, and a chicken ragu – all of which were delicious. I’m excited to try my hand at some of the more slower paced recipes – slow-cooked beef short ribs! focaccia! – so we’ll see how I get on. I can’t wait!

More info: Bill’s Italian Food cookbook / Bill for BBC Food

And there we have it – our Cookbook Club, October 2021 choices! I hope you decide to join me on my journey into these two great books. As usual, I’ll share a recipe roundup with links and details at the end of the month!

Happy Sunday! xo

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