Christmas Cookie Box

christmas cookie box

Hi friends! Happy Christmas Week – I can’t believe that we’re already here! I’m putting the finishing touches on my gifts, half watching The Grinch, and dreaming about the Domino’s date Boyfriend & I are having later. I’m here now because I want to share a very important Holiday Bucket List item with you: my Christmas Cookie Box! I’ve been planning and prepping these for literally months, so I’m super excited to finally share this post! I’m glad I finally had the time to gift these this year, I loved the whole process! The thrill of giving them to loved ones and getting feedback on their faves is so rewarding! Honestly, I can’t see myself not making these ever again.

Obviously, I am such a cookie box newbie, but if you’re looking for real-deal inspiration: Joy, Tieghan, Sam, NYT Cooking. Below is a detailed list of all the cookies I included in my gifted boxes, and some helpful tips. I hope you love it, friends!

*Also, something to note: I delivered all of my boxes by hand, and so didn’t have to factor in actually posting anything fragile.

• Not every Christmas Cookie Box has to be identical – the differences are what make this fun! Every single box I gifted was filled with different cookies; it’s all about knowing your audience. One box was heavy on the brown butter cookies, but light on the linzer. Another had extra shortbread, but no Nutella cookies. You catching my drift?

• Biscuit tins are ideal for cookie boxes because that’s literally what they were made for, but any vessel will do. I gradually collect any tins that come my way over the course of the year, so mine were all different shapes & sizes.

• Try to make cookies that use largely the same ingredients, that way it won’t feel like such a chore. For example, the ingredients for my Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies with Pecans are quite similar to that of the Pecan Linzer Cookies. Two birds, one stone!

• Do as much as you can in advance! Cookie dough freezes so well, there’s literally no reason not to make it a few weeks in advance.

• Aim for a good variety in your boxes. Before I started baking, I had grand plans to make eight or more different cookies – ha! That idea quickly abandoned, I settled on four: one flaky, one gooey, one classic, and one chocolate.

Vanilla Sugar Palmiers

I perfected this Vanilla Sugar Palmiers recipe with my Christmas Cookie Box in mind and I’m so happy the time has finally come! They’re great because they’re totally different to everything else in the box – but just as satisfyingly buttery.

Perfect All-Butter Shortbread

I knew from the moment I took my very first bite of these shortbread that they were destined to feature heavily in my holiday baking. They’re so buttery and rich – it’d be sacrilege not to include them in my Christmas Cookie Box! For a little variation between boxes, I sprinkled some with homemade vanilla sugar.

Pecan Linzer Cookies

Pecan Linzer Cookies were one of the first festive recipes I ever shared. I’ve tinkered with the recipe & reshot the photos since then, but the cookies are still just as good. I sandwiched mine with homemade caramel, but jam or Nutella would work just as well!

Brown Butter Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are Boyfriend’s very favourite cookie. I practically had to wrestle him into letting me gift them to other people, but thankfully he relented.

Nutella Stuffed Triple Chocolate Cookies

Although perhaps not the sturdiest cookie to include in a gift box, I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t love these Nutella Stuffed Triple Chocolate Cookies. Gooey, chocolate-y perfection!

Chocolate Sable Snowflakes

Admittedly, this was dough I had leftover from my pastry course, but it was so delicious I decided to save it for my cookie box. This recipe from Smitten Kitchen looks to be similar enough.

Cinnamon Sugared Almonds

It’s nice to throw in some non-cookie items to fill the gaps and bulk things up. Cinnamon Sugared Almonds make the perfect filler because they’re a) deliciously addictive b) satisfyingly crunchy and c) festively spiced!


Honeycomb tastes like luxury. It’s super fancy, and super easy to make. I’ve a very detailed honeycomb recipe on my first ever blog post. For the purposes of my Christmas Cookie Box, I drizzled chocolate over the top. So festive!

There we have it: the eight different treats I’m sharing in my Christmas Cookie Box! I hope you found something delicious to take away with you, whether it’s for yourself or to gift.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

My love to you,

Vicki xo

2 thoughts on “Christmas Cookie Box”

  • Vicki, I love you but pls…don’t ever do this to me again because I AM WEAK! Every single cookie has been consumed and my God, it was a little bit of heaven in a box. Already looking forward to next Christmas’s batch…no pressure

  • As a recipient of one of these cookie boxes I can confirm it to be an excellent gift! Everything is so tasty!

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