What We’re Eating This Thanksgiving, 2022

What We're Eating This Thanksgiving, 2022

Hello friends! Happy Thanksgiving! I hope this finds you well wrapped and cozied up against the strangely cold November weather. FiancĂ© & I have largely been holed up in our kitchen – aka: the one room of our house that actually seems to hold warmth – leaving only if absolutely necessary. Bathroom breaks, fresh-air breaks, dreaded shower breaks, etc. What is up with the weather this November? I feel like normally it’s pleasant enough: not too cold/too hot, mild temperatures, with pretty autumnal colours. This year, it’s all over the place! I’d really like if November of next year could get its act together – we’re rather counting on it wedding-wise. ANYWAYS. I didn’t come here to rant about the weather, I came to talk about food! Specifically: What We’re Eating This Thanksgiving, 2022.

After reading the title of this blog post, it might come as somewhat of a twist to find out that I actually don’t know what we’re going to be eating this Thanksgiving! Aha! Our lovely friends have graciously invited us to theirs this year, and we’re so excited! We’ve heard rumblings of a specially bought rotisserie for perfectly juicy BBQ-ed turkey, mac & cheese, “any number of horrifying American side dishes”, and a classic pumpkin pie for dessert. My stomach is grumbling just thinking about how delicious it’ll be!! Blissfully, they’ve informed us that we are under no obligation to bring any food, but we shall see.

What We’re Eating This Thanksgiving, 2022

I’ll do a full menu recap in my next monthly musings post, but the thing is: it doesn’t really matter what we’re eating this Thanksgiving. I’m just grateful that, after two years of having Thanksgiving dinner by ourselves, we get to do it with our foodie friends again. Over-eating is better when you get to do it with others, you know? Despite the fact that not a single one of us is even a little bit American, embracing this holiday is something we’ve all done wholeheartedly – and it’s so wonderful! Who doesn’t love an excuse to have a blow out dinner party and an early start to the weekend?

What We’re Eating This Thanksgiving, 2022

And so, to wind up: happy Thanksgiving, friends! I’m thankful for so much this year – including, but not limited to, you, and this here little space on the internet! I hope you have a good one, whether you’re celebrating or not!


Vicki xo

What We’re Eating This Thanksgiving, 2022

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