Cookbook Club, June 2021

Hello! Happy Sunday, friends! I hope this post finds you well. I’m about to kick our Sunday into action with some mighty fine buttermilk blueberry pancakes – but first, we need to talk about our Cookbook Club, June 2021 post. Ever since I started our little cookbook club last month I have been totally obsessed with it! I love it, and I really look forward to diving deeper into my collection! I’m so excited to share the next three cookbooks with you – there’s heaps of info below, links to recipes, etc. The books for the month were all selected by a random number generator because I just! couldn’t! choose! This way, it’s exciting for me also, kind of like a tombola of my own design – and who doesn’t love a good tombola!?

Okay, shall we get to it? Boyfriend is getting impatient for his pancakes. Descriptions, links, and cookbooks below!

Cookbook Club, June 2021

A Bird in the Hand, Diana Henry

A beautiful cookbook by fellow Irishwoman Diana Henry, focusing in on all things chicken. I bought this book probably about two years ago, after stumbling across it online and realizing I couldn’t live without it. We’ve used it a handful of times – we keep going back to the light & clean Kachin Chicken Curry – but I’m excited to dig in a little deeper to up our midweek meals.

More info: A Bird in the Hand Cookbook / Diana’s Instagram / Diana for The Telegraph / Diana for BBC GoodFood

Modern Art Desserts, Caitlin Freeman

I’m obsessed with all things art and all things baking, so this is practically me in cookbook form. I feel terrible to admit that, since being gifted this cookbook by my lovely friend Daire probably about 8-years ago, I’ve never actually used it. I think I was intimidated by the insane cake on the cover – but no more! Caitlin Freeman used to run the Blue Bottle Cafe in the SFMOMA and dream up desserts that looked like the artworks – aka, my dream job. It literally blows my mind. This month I plan to conquer my fear of baking from this book and I really hope to do that by whipping up my very own Mondrian Cake. If all else fails, there’s always the Rothko Toast.

More info: Modern Art Desserts Cookbook / behind the scenes look at the SFMOMA cafe / Modern Art Desserts website

Sweeter Off the Vine, Yossy Arefi

As a longtime follower of Yossy’s blog, I pre-ordered this book before it came out a few years ago, and then squealed like a little girl when it arrived. The recipes are laid out seasonally, so that you get the absolute best out of each ingredient. I’ve already made a couple things – Blueberry Cobbler / Cherry Turnovers – but the seasonal baker in me is itching to break into the strawberry chapter over the next few weeks!

More info: Sweeter Off the Vine Cookbook / Yossy’s Blog / Yossy’s Instagram / Yossy on Food52

And there we have it: Cookbook Club, June 2021! Will you be baking along with me this month? We could all bake our own Mondrian cakes and share them on Instagram? How exciting! Our cookbook club roundup will be hitting the blog on Sunday 27th, so be sure to check back for all the links and all the thoughts. Until then!

Happy baking! xo

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  • My husband and I love SFMOMA, it is an incredible museum. I can only imagine making a Mondrian cake like that must take several days; it appears to be an extremely elevated battenberg cake. Good luck!

    • I would love to visit SFMOMA one day – I’m so jealous! Hopefully the cake won’t cause a breakdown, ha! Thanks Kate!

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