Where to Travel to in Ireland This Summer


Hello friends, happy Wednesday! How are you this week? I hope the gloomy weather hasn’t gotten to you. I’m here today to distract you with thoughts of the long summer days to come – perhaps in a different part of the country with a chilled glass of white? If you’re looking out the window right now, you might think this post is a little premature, but June is just around the corner! The summer season is creeping right up on us and I thought it best that we be as ready as possible. According to the new government guidelines, hotels can reopen from June 2nd, outdoor dining + pubs from June 7th, and hopefully indoor dining some time in July. Dare we get our hopes up even a little bit?

Below is a list of the very best places to visit in this here little country of ours. Everywhere recommended – hotels/restuarants/bars etc. – are places that we’ve been to and loved, so you know you can trust them. Enjoy, friends!

Where to Travel to in Ireland this Summer

The Dingle Peninsula, Kerry

The Dingle Peninsula is such a magical place. We visited last summer with Boyfriend’s family, and we’re heading back again this August – I can hardly wait! For us, it’s all about the rest and relaxation, but you could: explore the beaches, head into Dingle, visit Dunquin Pier, get a boat out to the Blaskets, etc. There’s something for everyone!

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Kilkenny City, Kilkenny

Beautiful Kilkenny! Boyfriend and I both have family from Kilkenny, so it’s a city close to our hearts – and one that we’ve visited several times over the years. We love the hotels, the medieval streets, the pubs, the history, and the restaurants. Kilkenny is a great foodie destination – Butcher! Campagne! – and on our last trip we found an amazing little patisserie to satiate my sweet tooth. I’m making myself hungry just thinking about it.

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Westport, Mayo

We actually had high hopes to visit Westport this month, but our plans fell through with the delayed reopening of hotels/outdoor dining. However! We do still have all of our fingers and toes crossed for a trip there later in the year, ideally in December. There’s no other way to say it: we adore Westport. Boyfriend introduced me to the wonders of the small town back in 2016, and – with the exception of 2020, thank you Covid – we’ve visited every year since. We go for the small town atmosphere, but we stay for the food, the Mescan, and the hot chocolates.

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Galway City, Galway

Okay, I admit, I’ve never spent a prolonged period of time in Galway, but I’ve visited a handful of times over the years and I’ve always enjoyed it. There always seems to be a market of sorts taking place, there are some great wine bars, and some fantastic restaurants! And the pubs! The pubs in Galway are an experience all by themselves – they’re like something out of a movie!

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Crawford Gallery, Cork Ireland

Cork City, Cork

Cork seems like such a fun city. I have only been to Cork one time in my entire adult life, but I’d like to remedy that soon! One of my best friends was living in the city when I visited, and she showed me all the local highlights. We ate in lovely restaurants, tested the coffee scene, got our culture fill, and, of course, tried the local craft beer. If I were going back, I’d make sure to schedule a visit to Cobh, it looks beautiful.

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There we have it, friends: Where to Travel to in Ireland This Summer. There are so many places to explore around Ireland, and they’re literally in our very own back garden! Where are you heading to this summer? Drop me a comment in the box below – I’d love to know!

Happy planning! xo

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