The Art of Rambling


So it turns out that I’ve been a little all over the place for the last few months. You know when you’re up one second & down the next? Yep, that’s me, a whole bowl full of crazy. It’s kind of unfortunate. & it pretty much always leads to situations I should probably definitely be embarrassed by. Take for example the other week when I burst into tears at the bus stop because the bus was 15 minutes late. Sobbing in public over a late bus. Alone. Perfectly logical, right? Yea.. The 45 minute journey that followed was filled with hushed sniffles, swollen eyes, & the conceiving of an elaborate tale of the sudden death of a beloved pet. I wanted to have a good excuse just in case someone asked. 

The surprising thing is, I actually think I’m coping well. This is all The Boyf’s fault. At the start of the year he moved country for an internship & left me all alone to fend for myself. Like, what was he even thinking? I’m clearly incapable. I mean, ever since he left I’ve basically been filling the void by binge watching TV shows, Don’t get me wrong, I love it.. but now I wear glasses. This is not what a capable adult does with her life. The months have been passing in a blur, & I only just realised it when The Boyf came home this weekend. I was all about watching movies on the couch with my close friend (chocolate), but he made me actually do things that I’ve been missing but, in all honesty, haven’t been arsed to do lately. (Side note: this probably explains my slight weight gain since he left.) 

So I did some baking this weekend, not for the blog, but for me to remember how much I love doing it. I did some driving, & despite the fact that a suicidal dog almost ended my desire to learn, I am eager to get my damn test out of the way asap. I also cleaned out my baking shelves & it turns out I have a LOT of supplies that need to be used up rather soon. How does one person end up with three bags of self-raising flour, but only a single (half eaten) bar of dark chocolate? Something isn’t quite right there. Regardless, the baking monster within me seems to have been woken. 

This was pretty much a filler post, something I never would have dreamed of posting before. But then I thought, it’s my blog, I can post anything I want. I mean, I’m sure only a very few people made it to the end of this post, but I’m okay with that. The main thing you should take from this post is: I’m thinking up a delicious plan in my head that involves baking & travelling. Which is pretty much my exact description of heaven. It isn’t a fully formed idea yet, but I’m entirely certain it’s going to be full of butter & mostly European. 

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