Monthly Musings: September 2019

Hello friends!

September is my birthday month and I genuinely cannot believe that we’re here already! Another whole year traveled around the sun, wow. It went so fast!

Our musings this month are coming to you from County Mayo, nearly the exact opposite side of the country that I normally write from! We’re in a tiny town in the backside of nowhere with the rest of my mother’s family for a big shin-dig to celebrate my grandmother’s 80th birthday. Later today we’ll be driving onwards to Westport with my family to celebrate my birthday tomorrow, the big 2-6. A weekend of birthday treats and celebrations is never a bad thing, right? I’m soaking up every second.

Truth be told, I’ve been using my birthday as an excuse to meet up with all of my favourite people over the course of this last week. Basically, I’m milking it for all it’s worth to live my very best life.

Birthday madness aside, Boyfriend & I have been taking it pretty easy lately. We’ve been enjoying a lot of late summer walks in the evenings, with light rainfall and pink skies aplenty. We can often be found sheltering under a beautiful big tree while the worst of the rain passes, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our ramblings for the month ahead are below, I hope you find something to take away with you. I’m feeling especially grateful for this little space of mine recently – thanks for being here friends, it means a lot.


monthly musings: september 2019

You better believe that I’m going to be dragging my family around to all of my favourite spots in Westport tonight and tomorrow morning. On the agenda: beers at McGing’s, dinner at The Pantry & Corkscrew, a walk out to Cronin’s Sheebeen, and hot chocolate at Marlene’s. I can’t wait!


I did a super nerdy thing recently & made a very organised list of everywhere I’ve ever traveled to. On the 12th of August last month, when we flew from Berlin back to Dublin, it was my 100th flight. Flying in a little tin can from A to B will never not be amazing, & having a list of all such adventures will be a fascinating read when my old lady memory starts to fade.


In case you missed it: my sourdough maple blueberry brown butter crumble muffins finally hit the blog last week! They’re light and airy and just as perfect as I’ve talked them up to be over the last two months. Weekend baking project, anyone?


As expected, Boyfriend and I had the best time ever in Berlin. Like, an exceptionally great time that was better than I ever could’ve dreamed of. We ate so much food, caffeinated ourselves so well, drank so much alcohol, and just laughed so hard at every dang thing. It was the best. Thank you Boyfriend, for being the perfect travel companion. Our guide to the city will be coming soon!


Related: our Italian adventure begins in exactly 10 days from now! It literally feels like we’ve been waiting twelve years for it to come around, thank heavens the time is nearly upon us!


This article on Food52 has left me 100% determined to scrub my oven with baking soda & vinegar until it returns to its former sparkling glory days. Who knew!?


I visited a friends house recently and had severe house decor jealousy. Ever since getting back I’ve been thinking of ways to make our humble little abode a bit more stylish. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for a new light shade, and I’m really loving the idea of a hanging plant or two. Other than that, I’m scouring all of our local charity shops for quirky pieces to add to our home.


It’s high time we had a new pie bar recipe around these parts, wouldn’t you say? Previous pie bar recipes include: blackberry / plum & blackberry / pecan / apple & raspberry. We’re big fans, in case you didn’t guess.


What’s on your reading list this month? I’m reading a few stray Micheal Connelly books I missed earlier in the summer, but I’m looking for some recommendations I can bring to Italy with me! Any ideas?


Enrique, our serrano chili plant, really outdid himself this year! I proudly plucked off a few handfuls of juicy green chilies earlier this week & we’ve been reaping the rewards ever since! Enrique’s chili haul this year ‘round was much larger than last year and they definitely have more of a spicy kick to them. We’re extremely proud pepper parents.

Well friends, I think that’s everything. I hope you have the most fantastic month – bring on the cozy sweater weather!


Vicki xo

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