Monthly Musings: November 2019

monthly musings nov

Hello friends!

Please excuse my tardiness in bringing you this month’s dose of ramblings. Things got slightly away from me for a bit, but I’m here now & everything is right once more.

November marks a whole year since I’ve been writing these posts & they’ve honestly become some of my very favourite to write. Sitting down near the end of each month & recapping the different things we did or places we went to is such a lovely way to spend a couple of hours. Thank you for allowing me to share a little bit more of my life here.

This time last year I fan-girled over new cookbooks, talked about my favourite book of the moment, shared our new favourite dinner, and reiterated how good my latest recipe was. Looking below, not a whole lot has changed over the last year, and honestly, I find more than a little bit of comfort in that knowledge.

I hope this fine Monday evening finds you on the couch in your comfy pants, addictive book in hand. We’ll be over here, entertaining Boyfriend’s brother for dinner, living our best life. We’re making a homemade pasta dish for dinner, serving a rustic honey & apple crumble for dessert, and savoring a couple of glasses of red wine along the way. This is what long autumnal nights are made for, right?

Please enjoy the random collection of thoughts & musings below.

monthly musings: november 2019

November is such a busy birthday month in my family – both my sister & mother have birthdays the day after each other. To make this year extra busy, my sister graduated from college in the same week – with a first! We celebrated with drinks & a fancy lunch out at Coppinger Row. We’re so proud of you, Kid!


Boyfriend did us real proud last month by having not just one, but two of his short films shown in the Horrorthon Film Festival at the IFI here in Dublin. Two! I’m always pretty proud of him, but this was especially wonderful to boast about to others. Congrats, Boyfriend!


In case you missed it: Pumpkin Pie Crumble Bars hit the blog a couple of weeks back. It’s basically a pumpkin pie layered between a brown butter shortbread base & a thick layer of crumble. Whatchu waiting for?


I’ve finally put the finishing touches on our Berlin Travel Guide! Be sure to check back next week to catch all the deets.


Hummingbird High’s cookbook Weeknight Baking is finally out! I pre-ordered it way back in August & I was beyond excited when it arrived. I’ve already made the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake & the Overnight Cinnamon Rolls; both of which were amazzzingg.


We booked flights to Lyon! We’re heading off in mid-December for a long weekend of Christmas market-ing and I can’t wait! It’s been two years since we visited a Christmas market & I am long overdue my fill of gluhwein.


I’m toying with the idea of throwing a small Thanksgiving dinner party. There’ll be no Americans in attendance… but I love the excuse of throwing a dinner party. Am I losing it? These will definitely be on the menu if I do: Herb & Parmesan Cheese Sticks.


This month’s book recommendation: LESS. Boyfriend read it first; he lingered over every word & laughed at every second page. I got so curious that I had to read it before he returned it to the library & I fell for it just as hard! It is amazing.


My new culinary obsession: homemade pasta. It’s literally a breeze to make with my trusty new pasta roller & it never fails to impress guests at dinner parties! This is the recipe I’ve been using & I am in love.


Boyfriend & I went to see a really great photography exhibition recently called View of Ireland: Collecting Photography. It offered a fascinating insight into Ireland through the ages and we would definitely recommend it if you’re in the area!


I have found the most perfect grey nail polish: Rubble, by CND. You are welcome.


Can we talk about how great Scorsese’s latest film – The Irishman – is quickly? We decided to go to the cinema to see it & loved every second! Honestly, the 3.5 hour epic went by in a flash, and we were so enthralled from the get-go that we’re already looking forward to watching it again on Netflix.

Thanks for reading along friends, I hope you have a wonderful month!


Vicki xo

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