Monthly Musings: June 2022

Hi friends! Happy bank holiday weekend! How on earth are you? I hope you’re well; perhaps a little sun-kissed, with plans to relax all weekend long. I literally cannot believe it’s June already – May sped by so fast for me! On that note, I’m here today to share our Monthly Musings: June 2022 post with you. Now that it’s finally June, the countdown to our Italian trip is officially on: only 14 days to go! We’ve had to change our initial plans the tiniest bit due to flights etc., but it’s all officially nailed down now! Planes/trains/hotels/general transport is all finally taken care of, which means we can focus on the fun stuff! The knowledge that we’re going to be back in Italy this month is bringing me more joy than you can imagine! Italy ❤️

Our Monthly Musings for June are below. There are some recipes, some more travel talk, and some examples of wonderfully cheesy comfort movies; hopefully there’s something you can take away with you, and I truly hope that something is Cadet Kelly. Enjoy!

monthly musings: june 2022

Covid update: it’s still out there. There are basically no restrictions left in place, just a few “suggestions”. Pretty much no one except us wears a mask anymore – in shops/on transport/in healthcare settings etc. – and everything has more or less gone back to normal. Boyfriend and me, along with my family, have thankfully remained healthy and managed to evade infection thus far.


We attended our first wedding of the year! It was in the stunning Mount Juliet estate in Kilkenny, and it was lovely! I wore this dress, these shoes – and then these strappy sandals when I could bare the heels no more – this shawl, this wacky nail polish, dangly orange earrings, and tied it altogether with this bag. Wedding attire is such a whole production, but I was pretty pleased with the end product. Boyfriend kept things classy with a black suit and black shirt, with a little flair of colour in the form of a red pocket square; he looked so dapper! Wedding 1/3: check! PS, if you’d like to see a little photo dump of our weekend, click here!


On the Italy topic: our trip is going to be fantastic! We’re flying into Bologna, moving on to Florence, onwards to San Donato in Poggio, back to Bologna, and then home via a brief stop-off in Cologne! We have hopes and dreams of visiting San Marino for the day while based in Bologna – the least visited country in Europe! We weren’t planning to fly home through Germany, but, including the hotel, it was actually cheaper than flying directly to Dublin! If our San Marino plan works out – which, I’ll be totally distraught if it doesn’t – then we’ll be hitting three different countries in as many days! I can barely keep my excitement levels in check!!


In case you missed it: A Return to Westport, Ireland hit the blog last month! It’s a new and updated blog post about some of the lovely places we visited during our trip earlier this year. Where to eat, stay, drink, shop, and so much more!


I recently added my first Ina Garten cookbook to my collection: Modern Comfort Food! It’s been on my list for ages and it makes me feel like an actual real grown-up having an Ina cookbook of my very own! Need I remind you of the Crispy Chicken recipe? I thought not! I’ve already tested out the Tomato Bisque, and while it was a little too creamy for Boyfriend’s tastes, I LOVED it – and now I have a plentiful supply in the freezer just for me 😉


We finally finished Pretty Little Liars and honestly, I feel like the finale was the worst possible last episode ever? The accents? The sheer insanity of it? So beyond bad. Since finishing, we’ve been watching The Staircase, which is okay, but dragging. Other than that we’ve basically been watching a bunch of movie classics: Goodfellas (RIP, Ray Liotta 💔) , Road to Perdition, Top Gun, Cocktail, Double Jeopardy.. We’re in search of our next long-term TV show, any suggestions?


I’ve been slightly out of action this past week due to a teeny tiny injury, but it’s nothing worth talking about. Boyfriend has been totally wonderful and helpful, I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done without him. During one spectacularly self-indulgent pity party, he went out & surprised me with the beautiful white tulips above; they’ve cheered me up no end. Rob, on behalf of myself and Angelica the trapped magpie*, thank you for everything 🙂


On another note, being slightly out of action has left me with little to do other than sit around and watch TV all day – and you won’t catch me complaining about that! I’ve opted for some very cringy-yet-comforting films from my youth and it’s been wonderful: The Lizzie McGuire Movie, Ice Princess, Like Mike, Cadet Kelly, etc. I was looking to watch Georgia Rule and Billboard Dad also, but sadly couldn’t find either online. Judge on ahead, but it’s soothing for the soul, I’m telling you!


An oldie but a goodie, June edition: Roasted Strawberry Buttermilk Cake. A humble buttermilk cake, finished off with a generous serving of juicy roasted strawberries. Yum!

So there we have it, our Monthly Musings: June 2022 post. I hope you have the most fantastic month and I can’t wait to catch up again in a few weeks!

Until then,

Vicki xo

*we recently rescued a poor trapped magpie from a house that’s being renovated near us. We named her Angelica. And now she is free.

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