Monthly Musings: December 2020

Happy December, friends! Welcome to Monthly Musings: December 2020, our last chatter post of the year! It’s officially my very favourite time of year and that can only mean one thing: we can fully embrace the festive season! As I type, I have a festive cake waiting to be photographed, I have my Christmas candle burning, and Christmas FM is playing softly in the background. We welcomed in the holiday season by decorating our house yesterday! It’s so merry and bright and generally glorious. How could anyone not love this season? Ho, ho, ho!

We rounded off our day of decorating yesterday with our first Christmas film of the season: Holidate. It was less Christmassy and generally worse than I had hoped, but it was fun nonetheless. There might have also been a cheese board with homemade sourdough for dinner – as well as a couple glasses of red wine – but if you can’t be a little luxurious on the first of December then when can you? Also, yes: I’m back on the sourdough-making train, and the addiction is real.

Our Monthly Musings: December 2020 post is below. I hope you find something that piques your interest – be it a gift idea, a recipe, or a new toast buttering technique. Who knew there were so many different ways!

monthly musings: december 2020

A brief Covid-19 update: we’re getting there. As of yesterday, Ireland moved back to Level 3. Nothing will really change for Boyfriend & me until December 18th, when we’re allowed to leave our county again and see up to three other households indoors. Then we’ll be able to go into town, meet up with loved ones just in time for the holidays, and finally meet Boyfriend’s sister’s new puppy! Puppy cuddles!


Our Thanksgiving dinner last week was both utterly delicious and so much fun. Although we didn’t stray too far from our menu, we had to forego the puff pastry twists and the biscuits when we realised just how giant our turkey legs were. We saved the biscuits for breakfast the next day and the twists are waiting patiently in the freezer. There’s so much to be grateful for!


There were no new recipes shared to the blog over the last month, and for that I am sorry. Fear not though! Over the next three weeks I have a new cookie, a festive pie, and a cake – all of which are perfect for the holiday season. If you need a festive bake in the meantime: Pecan Linzer Cookies / Cinnamon Sugared Almonds.


Winter Bucket List update: getting. it. done! We listened to all the Christmas carols while decorating, Boyfriend has treated us to a few cups of his luscious hot chocolate, and we’ve started the Christmas film ball rolling. I’m finishing up the book I’m reading currently, and then I’m going to read A Christmas Carol. And you better believe that I’ve been working my darndest to soak up alll the little things; I frequently find myself lovingly admiring our tree.


I fell down a Black Friday rabbit hole last week and have only just resurfaced. The bad news: I’m unemployed and spending money like I’m still employed. The good news: I’m pretty much finished my Christmas shopping! I only have to worry about Boyfriend’s birthday present (a NYE baby) and a few other in-person purchases, like scented candles. Did you nab any good deals?


Ravneet’s OG chocolate chip cookie recipe saw us through Lockdown #1, and she recently released a new recipe for Lockdown 2.0! It’s a Triple Chocolate situation, which I normally wouldn’t go for, but everything Rav shares is fantastic, and those cookies are no exception. I played around with the recipe a little bit and I’ll be sharing it on the blog shortly – just in time for cookie box season πŸ˜‰


Related: The Kitchn released an epic list of 16 Essential Quarantine Cookies, and everything looks so delicious! I’ve already added the ingredients for Deb’s Salted Caramel Pretzel Blondies to my shopping list.


Boyfriend made his first ever lasagna last month and he totally nailed it. It was, no joke, the best lasagna either of us have ever had. He followed Smitten Kitchen’s recipe and it was such a dream! We’ll never look at another recipe again!


My new obsession: Dawson’s Creek. It is so totally up my street – it’s like Gilmore Girls & Friends combined – and I’m loving it! Boyfriend misses the original song, but I quite like the replacement one. We’re currently at the start of season 3, and this is what I’m feeling so far: Jen sucks, Pacey and Joey are my fave characters, and I find it so comforting to watch Joshua Jackson hug people. Yes, you read that correctly.


Three links involving our favourite celebrity chefs: Nigella and Ina. Nigella Lawson recently talked about her double buttering technique. Seriously, why even bother?! In Ina Garten news, I thoroughly enjoyed this article: Barefoot in Quarantine, and I have plans to make this Crispy Chicken with Lemon & Feta Orzo recipe from her new book.

There we have it – Monthly Musings: December 2020, bringing a whole other year to a close. 2020 sure was an odd one, but it’s made me cherish everything that little bit more. Thank you for sticking around for another year of monthly musings – I’m so glad you’re here! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year! Let’s catch up in January, okay?

My love to you!

Vicki xo

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