Monthly Musings: December 2018

monthly musings dec

I love the holidays. Mulled wine. Classic films I’ve already seen a million times but insist on watching every year regardless. Spiced everything. Decorating the tree and covering the house with twinkly lights. Festively scented candles. Gift giving. Cheesy music playing on the radio. Did I mention mulled wine already? And let’s not forget the gluttony that is the big day itself – all that food! Just when you think you can’t possibly eat anything else, you somehow manage to find space for an extra brownie or a cheese cracker, or both. I just love it all, okay?

But seriously though – how is it even possible that it’s December already? This year has gone freaky fast and Boyfriend tells me it just keeps picking up pace the older you get – is it true? We’re definitely going to be taking some time to ourselves over the next few weeks to slow things waaay down.

Are we ready for December’s Monthly Musings? Here’s what’s rattling around my head:

Monthly Musings: December 2020

I did it! I totally treated myself to this gorgeous raincoat by Rockholly and now I feel like a million bucks walking down the street in the pouring rain. The best part: it’s environmentally friendly!


We’re hosting an early Christmas dinner for some of our favourite pescatarian friends and I’m scouring all of my go-to cookbooks + blogs for good veggie recipes – do you have any recommendations? As I type, I’m eyeing up Pinch of Yum’s Vegetarian Shepard’s Pie.


Related: I’ve pretty much decided to make Edd Kimber’s Spiced Chocolate Bundt for dessert on the night. The recipe is from one of the coziest books I own – Great British Bake Off: Christmas – and I’m going to test out the recipe later today. I shall report back!


In case you missed it: we recently shared our Munich City Guide and we hope you love it. As always, there are heaps of recommendations for everything to do in the city – drinking, eating, sightseeing, eating while drinking, etc, etc, you get the picture.


Next week I’m sharing a post I wrote this time last year all about December in Vienna. Boyfriend & I fell head over heels for the city, but by the time I got my act together enough to write everything down, information about Christmas markets & the likes suddenly seemed kiiiinda useless. Be sure to check back!


An oldie but a goodie, festive style: Kladdkaka! I find myself making this Swedish chocolate cake every year around Christmas and there’s a very good reason for that – it. is. unreal. Added bonus: It’s gluten and nut free!


Surprise, surprise, I bought a new cookbook this month: Diana Henry’s A Bird in the Hand. It’s jam packed with a gazillion chicken recipes for every possible occasion (well, except pescatarian dinner parties) and I’m using it tonight to make a paprika roast chicken – wish me luck!


Do you guys get all fancy with your Christmas wrapping? I love getting a beautifully wrapped gift, so I try to make my wrapping that little bit extra. Normally I buy reams of coloured paper, wrap it up with some twine, and finish it off with some Christmas tree cut-offs or a sprig of baby’s breath – so simple & yet so elegant! See also: Barbora’s pocket wrapping technique.


As the year draws to an end, I keep thinking back on all the incredible journeys we had this year. Over the course of 2018, I was lucky enough to visit 8 different cities in 6 different countries, and I will never not be grateful for the luxury of travel. You can read about our adventures in Barcelona, London, Amsterdam, and Munich; and I promise to write up a few others over the Christmas break!


This is going to be my first ever year not having to work right up until Christmas! My last day of work is Saturday the 22nd and I’m not heading back until after New Year’s! I am beyond thrilled about my break & plan on resting it up as much as possible. There’ll be baking, date nights with my bestie, movie watching, more than a couple naps, and copious amounts of eating for sure. What else should I get up to? I’m so excited!

Thanks for being here friends. I hope you have the most wonderful Christmas!


Vicki xo

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