Fruity Ice Cubes


So you know the way in my last post I mentioned that I was easing myself back into life? That includes everything (except, apparently, TV shows, which I have no problem spending my time watching), even blogging. Especially blogging. It’s too easy to get caught up in the ball of stress that is baking & taking photos & writing & all of the sub-stress categories that go hand in hand with those three. So.. I made ice. I made ice, & I’m okay with that.

The idea for this came about a few days ago while I faffed about the place trying to think of something to bake. I had end-of-season nectarines shriveling up in my fruit bowl, and wrinkly strawberries sitting in the fridge. It was hot, & I really just couldn’t bring myself to go & stand in the kitchen for however long a time with the oven on. Light bulb: let’s make flavoured ice cubes! Simple solution, right? Right.


Chop the fruit up into little chunks, jam as much as you can into your ice cube trays, fill all the tiny caps in & around the fruit with water, then put it into the freezer. It’s that simple. There was no baking, no mixing or weighing, there was just chopping and freezing. It was quick, painless, & tasty. (Except for the photos, that was painful. How do you even photograph ice cubes?)Β 


I flavoured my ice cubes with nectarines & strawberries because that’s what I had lying around the house, but think of all the different combinations: lemon & lime, blueberry & lime, kiwi & strawberry, lemon & mint, the possibilities are endless! We had our ice cubes in lemonade, fizzy orange, & water. All were delish, but the fizzy drinks definitely worked best. I was actually rather pleasantly surprised by how flavorful the fruity cubes were, you could really taste both of the fruits. Besides, looking down into your glass & seeing these babies floating around definitely adds a touch of class, fools you into thinking you’re kind of fancy.Β 

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