Wine & Cheese Grilled Cheese


I’m a big fan of toasted cheese sandwiches, so much so that some of my friends just expect to be fed them when they come to visit. What’s not to love? They’re oozing with cheese, they’re warm & comforting, they’re just the perfect go to quick lunch option. On top of all that, there’s an endless list of possible add-ins, such as this gorgeous Wine & Cheese option. 

I’m not really too sure why this combination never occurred to me before – I work in a wine & cheese shop. The two were practically made for each other, there’s nothing better than sitting down on a Saturday night with a nice glass of wine & nibbling on some cheese. I know, I’m a middle aged woman before my time. I don’t care. If loving a glass of wine & some cheese makes me middle aged then I’ll take it. 


This cheesy sandwich came about due to all the National Grilled Cheese posts popping up all over the place. & I’m not even American. I just love cheese so much that I decided to contribute. Yes, I’m aware that today is the last day of the month, what’s your point? 

I served up this grilled cheese sandwich to my whole family one night for dinner & I was kind of scared at the start, but everyone seemed to genuinely enjoy them, which was a huge relief. I saw the recipe online & adapted it to suit me – I used cheddar cheese instead of Gruyere. The wine flavour isn’t overpowering, but it’s definitely noticeable. The cheddar cheese pulled all the flavours together & melted to perfection around the garlic & onion. There were no complaints & everyone had seconds!


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