Risotto with Red Wine & Peas


So, did everyone enjoy Banana Week while I was away? I did, & I’ll be enjoying it for a good while longer, seeing as most of the things I baked are sitting patiently in the freezer for their time to shine. Seeing as the last week was jam packed full of baked goods, I decided that it was time for a dinner recipe. A yummy dinner recipe. More specifically, risotto. 

Risotto is one of my absolute favourite dinners. It’s just so creamy & flavoursome & easy to make & extremely satisfying. I love it. Whenever I make dinner for just The Boyf & myself, it’s usually risotto. You see, no one else in my family likes risotto. I know, it’s like we’re not even related. This soul destroying truth meant that I actually only tried risotto for the very first time last year when I was in Zagreb. The Boyf & I were in this gorgeous restaurant in the Old Town & I just had this sudden craving for risotto, which is weird because I’d never tried it before, but also brilliant. That was when I had my first ever risotto, Risotto with White Wine & Chicken. 


I’ve been hooked ever since then. Anytime I see a risotto recipe on the internet, it automatically gets bookmarked for future reference. The only no no is a fish risotto, because, well… I don’t eat fish. Don’t hate me! It’s just something I could never stomach, the smell & the texture & it just looks gross & I’ve only ever tried tuna & does this automatically make me a lesser food blogger? Hopefully not. 


God, it’s been so long since I wrote a post that I completely forgot how much I tend to ramble, I do apologise. Now let’s get back to this risotto. After all, it is the star of the blog today. This risotto is excellent. I was excited to make it, because you never see risotto made with red wine, it’s usually always white wine, so I was intrigued. Other than the red wine, it was a pretty regular risotto, aka, perfection. Creamy, delicious, cheesy, satisfying, & most importantly sans fish. The red wine makes this risotto so god damn flavoursome that I’m really tempted to make another batch of this for lunch. A final note: as with all risottos, a generous helping of parmesan most certainly won’t go amiss. & then add just a little bit more, just to be sure. 

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