Ravello: A Photo Journal

ravello a photo journal

Ravello, A Photo Journal: Day 1

flying during the Covid-19 pandemic, and dinner at cumpa’ cosimo

Ravello, A Photo Journal: Day 2

Villa Cimbrone Gardens + wedding at Belmond Caruso Hotel

Ravello: Day 3

Belvedere Principessa di Piedmonte + wedding day 2 at Caffe Calce

Ravello: Day 4

Villa Rufolo

Ravello: Day 5

hiking down to amalfi

ravello a photo journal

Ravello: A Photo Journal. A little snippet of our time spent in Ravello, September 2021. I visited the hilltop Amalfi coast town with Rob, his parents, and many of his extended family for a wedding. This was my first time in Ravello and the little sleepy village is exactly what I hoped it would be. Over the course of our four days in town, we ate at as many places as we could, explored as much as possible, and soaked it all up. Photos feature: Villa Cimbrone, Villa Rufolo, Belvedere Princepassa de Piedmont Gardens, the wedding at Belmond Caruso Hotel, and so much more!

For a more detailed guide to visiting Ravello: Ravello Travel Guide | Visiting the Amalfi Coast Part I.

ravello a photo journal


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