Passion Fruit Cordial


I’ve always had a kind of love-hate relationship with passion fruit. The slimy insides with crunchy pips were too much for my younger self to handle. Now that I’m a mature grown-up things have changed. I love passion fruit. I love the colour of the shell. I love the slimy feeling on my tongue. I love the taste. I love passion fruit. 

That said, I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. For instance, when I made this cordial the other day, my sister refused to try it because she claimed it looked like frog spawn. Now, I personally love the way all the passion fruit pips look floating around the bottle, but she may have a point. She’ll soon grow up & realise how much she missed out on.  


Before I made this, I had never actually made a cordial. I know, call myself a food blogger! Well. Let me tell you, it was THE easiest recipe. Quite possibly ever. I was amazed. The recipe was so simple that I was convinced it was going to be horrible. Alas, it was beautiful. It scored a 10/10 all around!


I looked up a couple of recipes for passion fruit cordial before making it, & this one seemed like the best choice overall. There’s very little sugar involved, so you get the sweetness of the passion fruit shining through. & the pips, well, if they bother you as much as they bothered my sister then you can just sieve them out after you boil the cordial. Personally I think they add something to the overall experience, but hey. With or without pips, you will not regret making this cordial, I promise. 

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