Monthly Musings: January 2020


Happy New Year, sweet friends!

Did you have a lovely restful holiday season? I hope you a) found some time to put your feet up & watch a cheesy movie & b) got a chance to get all dressed up & go out with your loved ones. It’s all about balance. I snapped this photo real quick while out for festive drinks with friends, then came home to watch a Christmas film straight after. Balance, friends.

We’re still easing ourselves gently back into the swing of things. The days after Christmas and New Year’s seem to drag on a bit. While 90% of me loves it, the other 10% misses our routine & knowing with absolute certainty what day it is. Inevitably, the time will come when we have to go back to normal, so for now, we’re still pretending the holiday season is in full swing – basking in the glow of the Christmas lights, watching movies & eating chocolate.

Our musings for the month ahead are below. They’re largely based on restaurant & travel recommendations… would you really expect anything less?


  • Boyfriend’s birthday is on NYE, and since we’ve been together I’ve actually found myself rather enjoying the day! This past one was especially perfect: croissants, favourite films, an early walk along the seafront, a cocktail or two, dinner out with his parents, & midnight celebrations with his siblings. Bliss!
  • I’d like to try more new restaurants this year. I recently visited Uno Mas with a friend & resolved to get my butt into town more often to explore new places to eat. This past weekend Boyfriend & I hit up Krewe – a creole restaurant! – and it was beyond delicious. Jealous?
  • Related: I’ve found the handiest website to help keep track of restaurants in Dublin – All The Food. It has the low-down on basically every single restaurant in the city & it is so helpful!
  • We were in Lyon for four days back before the Christmas rush & it was everything we dreamed it would be. We ate every single thing that crossed our paths, and we drank many delicious things. Our favourite thing about this city was that we didn’t seem to run into many other tourists. That, and the Museum of Cinema Miniatures, which blew us both away.
  • I’m heading off for a quick 1-day jaunt into the country with my mom & sister later this month. We’re hitting up Killashee Hotel in Kildare for a girly night & I am so excited – the place looks stunning! I’ll undoubtedly be sharing snaps on my stories, so be sure to follow along on Instagram if you fancy a sneak peek.
  • I’m kind of obsessing over the thought of making a family tree at the moment. I’ll update you on my progress as I go, but I know looking back into my family will bring us to some interesting places across Europe – namely to Germany & Poland during the war. I can’t wait to get stuck in!
  • On Sunday I baked my first thing of the decade: Christina Tosi’s Crack Pie. I just wanted to make sure the very first thing I baked this decade was going to be delicious, and really, has Crack Pie ever let anyone down?
  • I can definitely see these Herbed Garlic Butter Naan in our near future. Just looking at the recipe has my stomach grumbling!
  • What we’re listening to on repeat: the soundtrack from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. We are obsessed. My favourite track is the ad for Tanya Tanning Butter – it’s so good, you might even burn a little.
  • I’ve been doing a good bit of book culling recently. Anything that I wouldn’t read again (or do read again but realize I don’t quite love anymore) gets donated to the charity shop. And anything that I do love/intend to read again gets to keep its place on my shelf. Turtles All the Way Down by John Green is a novel that wholly deserves its place on the shelf.
  • An oldie but a goodie: Banana & Chocolate Chip Baked French Toast. I was thinking about making a new recipe for baked french toast with some of the panettone I was gifted at Christmas. Watch this space!

Thanks for reading along, friends. I hope you have a most wonderful month!


Vicki xo

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