Monthly Musings: February 2020


Happy Sunday, dear friends!

I hope this month’s dose of ramblings finds you well. Boyfriend & I are just back from a wonderful long weekend of hotel hopping, dining out, and general over-indulging right here in our very own city of Dublin. It was the absolute best way to round off January & welcome in the new month. I surely can’t be the only one that thinks January lasted approximately 4 weeks too long? I already feel like February is off to a better start, hopefully it won’t let me down.

After our long weekend of taking it extremely easy on ourselves, we’re going to continue the theme & buckle down in our cozy clothes for the rest of the afternoon. Boyfriend is making popcorn, we have the Braveheart blu-ray ready to go, and a plentiful supply of chocolate & coke at the ready. I hope that your Sunday is treating you just as well.

Before we get too cozy, please enjoy these thoughts that’ve been knocking around my head lately:

  • Being a tourist in our home city was actually rather glorious. We got to walk around with totally new eyes, trying all those places we never had time to visit before. We stayed in lovely hotels, we ate everywhere our not-so-little stomachs desired, and we went cocktail taste-testing. All of this is to say: I’m thinking of doing up a quick Dublin post. Or maybe a series of posts. Whatcha think?
  • A really quick shout-out to Boyfriend for being super amazing & getting one of his scripts optioned – I’m so proud of you. Congrats, Rob! To see the short: Sit Beside Me.
  • Last month we watched Coco & I found myself loving the idea behind the Day of the Dead. I never really knew much about it before, but by the time the film ended I was fully convinced that we should celebrate it too. What a lovely belief.
  • Thanks to my dad, I have 100% rekindled my love affair with jigsaws. They are so soothing! I just finished off a 1000-piece beauty that depicts the Italian village of Riomaggiore. Needless to say, my yearning for Italy grew exponentially. If you’d like to join in: Bologna / Florence.
  • It’s Oscar season! Boyfriend & I are trying to catch up with as many nominated films as we can before the big day next week. We always stay up to watch it (1am our time), eating popcorn & Maltesers, judging the outfits, and inevitably complaining about something or other – such a blast!
  • In case you missed it: my Berlin City Guide went live last month! It’s extra jam-packed with literally every single place I love in Berlin. Breakfast, snacks, coffee, drinks, dinner, cocktails, you name it – it’s all in there!
  • We’ve decided to embrace the Molly Yeh way of life and introduce Pizza Fridays into our routine. Making the dough from scratch is something I’m finding very rewarding – I’ve been using Jim Lahey’s dough recipe until now –  and with all of the different topping options I feel like this is something that we won’t get sick of for a while. I’ve purchased The Pizza Bible cookbook to help fine tune my skillz.
  • What are you reading this month? I just read The Outsiders & adored it. It’s been sitting on my bookshelf for years, and I’m kicking myself that I only got around to reading it now. Hoping to see the movie soon.
  • We’re in the run up to a general election here in Ireland & all the campaign stuff is going way over my head. I did, however, find this quiz helpful when deciding what matters to me in a candidate: 2020 Political Quiz.
  • A cookbook I am loving lately: Super Simple, by Half Baked Harvest. Every single recipe we’ve made from it has been a huge hit – I can’t wait to tuck into the desserts section!
  • An oldie but a goodie, cookie edition: Smoked Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Let’s catch up again next month, okay? I better run, Mel is calling my name!

My love to you,

Vicki xo

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