So I’ve fallen a little behind (already, I know).. BUT the other day Bosco & I went shopping and ended up coming home with 7 new cookbooks! It’s turning into a bit of an obsession – when I’m not cooking or baking I’m always thinking about the next thing that I’ll be cooking or baking, it’s ridiculous!

ANYWAYS. The other day I madeΒ amazingΒ stuffed peppers for the family for lunch & over all they scored a 10/10, a real success. I forgot to take pictures (take it easy on me, I’m new at this whole food blog thing), but I’ll post the recipe up later on tonight or maybe in the morning if I forget.Β 

Now, however, I’m off to make a dessert from one of our new cookbooks – cinnamon fried bananas. I’ll let you know how I get on! πŸ˜€

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