Lemon & Lime Curd Ice-Cream


Don’t you just love having time? I kind of forgot how awesome it was, what with exams & college & work all piled up on top of me. However, things have (finally) changed. As of today, I am officially finished my second year of college. No more assignments, no more lectures, & most importantly, no more exams! I celebrated by taking a lovely long shower & I actually relaxed while I ate lunch. Imagine that, contently eating without feeling like you should rush to get something else done! It was blissful. 

Speaking of blissful, look at the mouth watering homemade ice-cream we tucked into last night as a pick me up. Now THAT was blissful. Actually, please excuse me while I go get some of the ice-cream, because why not? I have nothing else to do. I know I’ll probably get bored of having nothing to do quite soon, but for now it’s such a lovely thought. I’ve been enjoying it all morning. Browse around food blogs for an hour? Why not. Plan what you’re going to bake next? I don’t see why not. Properly edit the photographs for your blog? I have nothing but time on my hands. Needless to say, it has been a good morning. 


So I have ice-cream now. Mmm, it’s even better than I remember. How is that even possible? Oh yeah, I was really stressed out last night because of exams. Ha. Exams. A thing of the past. Summer is here now, for the next four months. Oh yeah. 

But I’m getting off track, let’s get back to the ice-cream, because that’s the star of the show today. So, you guys remember that Lemon & Lime Curd I posted about a little while ago? Well, I didn’t want to just use it up on everyday things like eating it straight out of the fridge with a spoon  on toast & in porridge etc, so I started thinking of different ways to use it. Unsurprisingly, my first thought was homemade ice-cream. The homemade, soft scoop, no churn beauty of an ice-cream that I always make. Because who wants to wait for the ice-cream maker for hours when you could have your ice-cream made within 10 minutes?  


I mean, how would ice-cream not work? I love homemade ice-cream. I love the Lemon & Lime Curd. It was pretty much a fail safe plan. A no brainer. I thought of a few other things too, but the ice-cream idea really stuck with me until I just couldn’t stand not knowing what it tasted like any longer. So it made it. Then the next day we ate it. It was everything I hoped it would be. Better than the best. It was so lemony & limey & there was flavour in every single bite & the curd was slightly more solid than the ice-cream, so every now & then you got chunks of happiness & now please enjoy the recipe below while I go for more ice-cream. 


Makes 2 litres 


For the ice-cream:

  • 3 x 250ml pots of cream 
  • 1 tablespoon of vodka
  • 1 400g tin of condensed milk

For the lemon & lime curd: 


  1. In a large bowl, whisk all of the cream together until it becomes lightly whipped. Add the tablespoon of vodka & whisk around. Finally, add in the tin of condensed milk & mix around one last time.  
  2. Pour half of the ice-cream into a freezer proof container (I used  a loaf tin). Drop teaspoonfuls of lemon & lime curd onto the ice-cream & swirl it through. Repeat with the rest of the ice-cream & lemon & lime curd. 
  3. Cover up your container & put in the freezer for at least 8 hours. 
  4. Serve by itself or with extra curd on top. 

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