It’s been a while..

.. too long, in all honesty. However, I’ve recently discovered my temporarily lost (a couple of months is DEFINITELY not long enough to be considered ‘long lost’) love of baking & cooking and I plan on making a strong comeback –  starting tomorrow. 

Seeing as I’ve been super busy as of late with college work, actual work, & general life, the plan is to ease myself back into the swing of things by making one recipe a day, whether it be baked goods or something savory. Also, the using-one-cookbook-for-a-week thing is out the window for the time being because I gave up meat for Lent (despite the fact that I amn’t vaguely religious at all), just to see if I could, and so I’ll be skipping around from cookbook to cookbook to make life easier for myself. 

Camera on charge & ready for tomorrow, cookbooks by my side, I’m rather excited to get back to this again! 

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