Iceland: A Photo Journal

A Photo Journal of my time in Iceland with one of my best friends, FΓ³dhla. We spent a few days exploring Reykjavik, before taking a 7 1/2 hour bus ride up north to a smaller town named Akureyri. From what I remember about our time in Reykjavik, we invested in the fancy package at The Blue Lagoon, did a tour of the Golden Circle, and became very hostel chic. We also spent a lot of time laughing and an inordinate amount of money treating ourselves to a meal out. The bus to Akureyri was an adventure in itself: an old lady talked at me the whole time, while FΓ³dhla got stuck beside a gross nose-picking man. We fell for Akureyri immediately – it was much smaller than Reykjavik, and it felt more cozy and welcoming. The highlight of our time where was without a doubt when we went whale watching. Wearing giant thermal overalls, eating cinnamon rolls and drinking hot chocolate out on the ocean waves, watching whales bob up for air; it was wonderful.

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