How to: Cake Bunting


Today is not one of the days that I have an interesting or mildly funny story to tell you. Today is one of the days that I’ve been bogged down with college work & assignment deadlines (which was today, in case you were wondering) & tiredness & oh my god who knew that eyelids could feel so heavy. Also, it’s too cold for my liking. Yep, it’s one of those days.

Rather than wallowing around in my self-inflicted stress & work load, I’m just not going to. (I know, it’s so unlike me.) Instead, today we have an instructive guide to making your very own Cake Bunting. Because it’s super cute & super easy. Besides, making things is fun, right? Making things brings out the 4 year old girl inside me who liked to paint with her hands.

We’re just gonna get straight to it. You ready? 

First, assemble everything you need. Colourful cards, a scissors, a thumb tack, & some thin string or twine. 

Then you gotta choose your colours. This is harder than you might think. Black & white would be nice, green & red would be great for Christmas, black & orange for Halloween, etc etc. As you can see, I used all of the colours I had available (commitment problems). 


Then the fun starts (said the 4 year old inside me). Cut out a triangle size that you’re happy with & use that as a guide to trace other triangles onto your coloured cards, & then cut them out (with adult supervision if you really are a 4 year old child).

I used six little triangles for mine. Yay for even numbers! 

Okay, next up is using the thumb tack to poke little hoes in each corner of the triangle. Then wiggle the thumb tack around a bit to make the whole slightly larger (you’ll regret it if you don’t. Trust me.).


Almost finished. 

Thread your string or twine through the little holes in the triangles, keeping them threaded all the same way. Leaving some space in between the triangles is good (I have no actual reason for this, I just think it’s prettier). 


Tie each end of the string to bamboo skewers or any long stick you have – I used two little wooden knitting needles. 

That’s it. Wasn’t that simple? How many steps were there, like 7? You have no excuse to not make some Cake Bunting now that you know how simple it is. Besides, people totally love it, I speak from experience. If you’re looking for a cake to stick this bad boy in, I can highly recommend this Peanut Butter & Chocolate Cake & this Lemon Speculoos Cake. Just sayin’. 


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