Grilled Banana Chocolate Packages


The rain has returned. After a blissful eight days without any clouds or rain or cold, it rained for the very first time last night. & this morning I woke up sneezing. It was nice while it lasted. You would think a few showers here & there would suffice, but no, the rain has come back with a bang, & I regret to inform you that it has lashed rain the whole day long. I think I’m depressed. I keep thinking about the past week & the sun & the warmth & the barbecues & the easy barbecue food & the happiness & WHY IS IT LASHING RAIN WHY?

So I feel like today is an appropriate day to post up these Grilled Banana Chocolate Packages, to remind us all of happier days. Days when you had people over for a barbecue, for drinks, for nibbles, for no reason other than to sit out in the sun together with a few beers. But we all know, sooner or later, everyone will expect a dessert. Especially when you have a food blog. You want something quick & simple, something that won’t keep you out of the sun for ages while you slave away in the kitchen. So you do a stock take, sacrifice the browning bananas you were saving for banana bread, steal some of The Boyf’s Toblerone, & hunt down the Digestive biscuits reserved for when guests come over. At least, that’s what I did. 


I’m going to keep this sweet & simple. Basically, you cut open the banana & stuff it with whatever you want. I used Toblerone & digestive biscuits, but if we’d have had peanut butter or Nutella then there would have been a good layer painted on the inside of the bananas, I can assure you. I’m pretty sure marshmallows & fudge would be awesome stuffed in there too, sure why not. When the bananas are ready the insides are gorgeous & gooey & oozing out & the banana insides are all soft & mushy & the chocolate melts away on your tongue & it’s just delicious. There is nothing better than opening your own personal package of dessert at the end of a barbecue, trust me. 

Per person 


  • 1 banana
  • handful of chocolate chunks
  • 1 digestive biscuit, broken into chunks
  • Optional: marshmallows, fudge, Nutella, peanut butter etc etc


  1. Get the barbecue going, on a reasonably high heat.
  2. Cut a small strip out of the banana & spread the banana open, removing some of the banana insides if necessary. 
  3. Stuff the banana full of chocolate & biscuit & other add ins until you can stuff no more. 
  4. Wrap the banana in a square of tin foil & place over the grill for 12-15 minutes, or until the chocolate has melted. 
  5. Remove from the grill & dig in!

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