Gnocchi Mac and Cheese


Seeing as the weather, not to mention my state of mind, was so damp and depressing yesterday, I felt like we were in desperate need of some yummy comfort food to cheer us all up. The solution I came up with? Gnocchi mac and cheese. Oh yes, mac and cheese, but taken to a whole new level with the use of gnocchi rather than macaroni pasta. It was PERFECT. 

I found a couple of good recipes online, but the one I found that suited me the most was one from a website with 30 days worth of inventive ways to make mac and cheese (recipe here), it’s a website I’ll definitely be coming back to from time to time! 


I ended up changing the recipe around a bit, substituting the gruyere and fontina cheeses with cheddar, after all, we were trapped in due to the river flowing by the front door, I had to work with what we had. The whole thing ended up perfectly – the recipe has just the right amount of garlic, which is something I rarely find with recipes & I generally just add an extra few in, but it was excellent. 

Note to self: on days with severe weather, grab a blankey & tuck yourself up with a big helping of this perfect comfort food. 

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