Bolognese with Cloves & Cinnamon


Yesterday, 45 minutes before we were meant to eat, Mum asked me if I’d make the dinner. She said she didn’t mind what I made, so long as I used the minced beef in the fridge & had everything ready for 7pm. The 7pm that was 45 minutes away & getting closer every second. My mind was racing through speedy dinner options – enchiladas, tacos, meatballs, burgers… None of them appealed to me right then. A quick glance at our spice shelf & the decision was made. 

Now, if you’ve never been on Damn Delicious before, then you’re seriously missing out. Big time. Every recipe Chung-Ah posts about is cheap, easy to make, & quirky. & most certainly, you guessed it, damn delicious! I never would have thought to add cloves & cinnamon to a bolognese sauce, not in a lifetime. But now that I’ve seen the light & tasted a piece of heaven I doubt I’ll ever make a bolognese without these two little angels again. 


The family were a bit skeptical when I told them how many cloves were in the sauce, but all worries melted away as soon as the cinnamony aroma wafted into the room. Those who weren’t convinced by the smell were most certainly convinced by the taste. Both spices worked beautifully together, you could taste them both, but neither was too overpowering.

Needless to say, the bolognese was loved by all. There was no leftovers. On average it scored a 9.5 out of 10 rating. I’d call that a successful dinner. 

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