Banana Orange Bread


Apparently we buy too much bananas in my house. There always seems to be bananas that get too icky & black to be eaten. The result? New experiments with banana bread! I enjoy it (obviously), but I think my family wish I’d just start making plain old regular banana bread again. 

How can I possibly go back to plain banana bread when there are so many flavour combinations out there? This banana bread recipe got tested because not only did we have dying bananas, but we also had dying oranges. How could I NOT make this? It was perfect for the occasion. Practically begging to be made. 


& how thankful we were for those near-to-death fruit. The Banana Orange Bread served not only as my breakfast on the day I made it, but also as my lunch. All four family members loved it. It was moist, it was flavoursome, & it was light. Also, the orange drizzle (which I thought was an odd addition to banana bread, but hey) was actually rather delicious & seemed to pull all the flavours together. 


The recipe was super easy to follow & the whole thing only used two mixing bowls, meaning less washing up, yay! I’m pretty sure the time in the recipe is wrong, because my loaf was in for way less than recommended & it still got slightly burned, so keep an eye. Other than that it was one of the easiest banana breads I’ve made yet!

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