Apple & Cinnamon Pancakes with Chocolate Chunks


Don’t you just love mornings during the summer? The sun shining through the curtains, sitting out in the garden in your shorts & baggy t-shirt before even thinking about breakfast. Summer mornings are simple – there’s no rush to be out of the house in half an hour, they give you time to just relax. & also to think about making wonderful breakfasts that you don’t have the time or patience to make during the rest of the year. Well, all this is assuming that you too are a college student who has been set free for the next three months. If not (which sucks for you), these pancakes are definitely worth getting up that bit earlier for. 

Here’s the thing: I love pancakes, but there is never enough time to make them on a regular morning. There just isn’t. It’s a sad fact of life that I’ve learned to accept. It’s the same with french toast, that can almost only ever be made on special occasions or those mornings you have heaps of time. Or maybe it’s just like that with me, because it takes me ages to decide what to add into my pancakes or to top off my french toast with. It’s not that I’m a picky eater, I just want something new & different all the time… Which can be a little time consuming sometimes. 


The idea for these pancakes didn’t take all that long to come together. The fruit bowl was (& still is) overflowing with apples, & we had heaps of chocolate. & not just any chocolate, Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations Cookie Nut Crunch. Oh yes. Milk chocolate with cookie pieces laced right through it’s soul. Besides the fruit & chocolate abundance, I just really wanted some pancakes. It was then that a light bulb switched on in my head. Enter Apple & Cinnamon Pancakes with Chocolate Chunks. 


In a nutshell, these are the best pancakes I’ve ever had. Whip up a batch of your basic pancake batter, add some cinnamon & chopped up pieces of chocolate, & pour over an apple slice already sizzling away in your frying pan. Perfection. Oh, & of course it’s only right to drizzle some maple syrup on top of your stack of perfection. & then add some more chopped chocolate, just to be sure. The apple slices really bring out the cinnamon flavour & the chocolate was just plain delicious, especially the little chunks of cookie pieces hiding within. 


  • your favourite pancake batter
  • ½ teaspoon of ground cinnamon
  • your favourite chocolate bar, cut into rough chunks
  • 1 apple, cut into thin slices
  • butter, for frying


  1. Make your pancake batter & add in the cinnamon & the chocolate chunks.
  2. Melt a knob of butter in a frying pan over a medium to high heat & then place an apple slice in the centre of the pan & fry for 30 – 45ish seconds. Pour a ladle of pancake batter over the apple & fry until the bottom side is golden brown in colour. Flip the pancake & repeat. 
  3. Serve pancakes stacked up on top of each other, with a squirt of maple syrup & some extra chocolate chunks sprinkled on top. 

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